About Us 

The Lodge Bar and Grill started as a small bar from New York City. It was a rough challenge to start this business at first because of the big rivals and because of the hardships of establishing a business as well. I, the founder and the owner of The Lodge has always been fond of different restaurants and bars even before. Because of these interests, I decided to create my own one day. I knew it would be hard butt even when I was a little kid, I already planned to be successful in the business industry. But now knowing what path I will take in the future, and the undecided goals and dreams, I took a course that was different with business management. I only realized what business I want to build when I was old enough to look back at my previous decisions. But of course, that didn’t stop me. 

I worked hard and planned a lot when it came to establishing this business. I knew that this was going to be hard especially since I knew that I needed a big financial support to push through with it. That only made me work harder though, step by step I tried to learn the basics and what I have to know in creating a business. While I did that, I was also working to make my own investments. It was difficult to work and study at the same time but it will be more difficult for me to just give up and abandon the things I already started.  

I also knew it would take a lot of time to achieve this goal and plans in life but I didn’t even bother letting it frustrate me. Why would I allow that? I was still young that time and even older people could start their own business so I was more than motivated that stressed by the fact that it would take years to get to where I am now. 

But everything paid off in the end, now, our bar and grill is appreciated and loved by many people. 

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